Our advisory services focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalization. We work from business strategy, through business development and digital enablement. We can help you from strategic advice to business transformation. We take on different roles at clients – advisory roles, project-based or interim – depending on what suits the specific challenge. Scroll down for our areas of our expertise and focus.

Business Strategy

We help you set and act on your business strategy to succeed in the digital age

Knowing where and how to compete is more complex than ever. Organizations need a coherent strategy that makes sense and that will guide them in the digital age. A well formulated strategy should include future aspirations, imperatives for success, and strategic agenda. Or in other words: What you want to achieve, what you think you need to achieve it, and your plan for execution.

Digital potential

We help you understand what digital is and what it means for your company and your industry. We walk you through the trends and imperatives for your industry, and we discuss and jointly work out what they mean to you and how you should react. We take inspiration from current cases, startups, other industries, and new technologies that are relevant to you.

Deep-dive analysis

We help you make a deep analysis of your industry, customers, competitors and products, to help you understand what’s important for you in the digital age. Typically, you have one or more key questions that you would like answers to. We work with you to understand which topics are most important and then we distill a report and a presentation to cover those topics.

Strategy setting

We help you set a business strategy that makes sense in the digital age. We work with you and your key people to define what your future success looks like, what you need to be successful, and your strategic agenda should be. The end product is a tangible strategy that you can act on, communicate to your organization, and that you can measure.

Strategy review

If you already have a set and communicated strategy we can help you adapt this strategy so that it makes sense in the digital age. This typically includes identifying a number of topics that are important from a digital perspective, and then working with your key people to understand how those topics should be amended to your strategy.

Product strategy

We take a detailed look at your new or existing product, and help you set a coherent strategy for how to grow quicker. With your business strategy as a starting point, with deep customer intel and market intelligence, we help you set a vision, roadmap and plan for growing your product. The deliverable is a tangible strategy that your organization can act on right away.

Customer experience

In the digital age, customer experience is key. Yet, many companies lack even the basics in their customer experience, causing customer to choose competitors. We can map and evaluate your customer experience – going from sales to customer service. This is usually done using customer journey mapping as a tool, and the result is better understanding of you customer journey, and how to improve it.


We help you find, validate and scale digital opportunities aligned with your strategy

Coming up with a cool idea is the easy part. What’s difficult is to prioritize where to focus, validating ideas, and then actually implementing them into real businesses. A digital opportunity can be anything from a new customer interface, a new digital product or service, a new sales channel, or an entirely new business. We work from ideation to scaling, and we utilize our own resources, key people in your organization and contractors to make it happen.

Finding new opportunities

We help you to find new business opportunities and prioritize them. We start with inspiring your organization to set the bar of what’s possible in the digital age. Then we typically hold ideation workshops and work with your organization to define and prioritize the opportunities. The result is a portfolio of defined and prioritized initiatives ready to implement.

Validate and build the case

If you have an idea for a digital opportunity we can help you understand the viability of it. We help you define the idea, we do the research, talk to the customers, do the math, and set the plan. The result is a concrete case and a plan that your organization can work to implement. If you need help to implement, we can do that as well.

Driving business initiative

We can help you to take the lead of your digital business initiative. This is typically most useful when you have a new or stagnated initiative that needs quick and forceful momentum. We take charge, set the plan, and make that plan happen as fast as possible. We use our own resources, your organization, and external contractors if necessary to make sure that the full scope is delivered.

Refocus initiative portfolio

It’s always difficult to prioritize, especially when it comes to digital initiatives and opportunities. There is often plenty of opportunities to pursue, but initiative overload can be painful. Typically, top management find that they have a lot of initiatives going on, but nothing really seems to materialize. We help you decide what is important and how to refocus the portfolio.


We help you transform your technology and organization to enable digital opportunities and sustainable change

When it comes to succeeding digitally, it’s all about creating the right foundations for success. The most successful organizations don’t just run isolated initiatives that happen to be successful, they create the right foundations to enable that success. This is what we call digital enablement.

Enabling innovation

Innovation needs a system, it doesn’t just happen out of the blue. The most innovative companies today combine strict structures for innovation, together with an open mindset that allows for rapid collaboration and iteration. We can help you build those structures and adapt them so that they work for your aspirations and your organization.

Enabling analytics and AI

Data is the key asset in the digital age. Combining your data sources with the use of AI and machine-learning can lead to powerful new ways of doing business and delivering value to your customers. We can help you build the foundations for leveraging your data and to enable a data-driven mindset throughout your organization.

Enabling agile workflow

Agile methodologies can be a powerful way of structuring your organization to make sure you deliver the right value to your customers (internal or external) in an efficient manner. We’ve seen many great examples of where agile methodologies are used in a broader organizational and business sense, not only for product development.

Enabling product management

A well-oiled product management structure is a foundational enabler for companies wanting to adapt to digital products or services. Often traditional companies who start do adapt to digital products or services lack these structures and the result is unclarity and internal power struggles. We help clients understand how to build them – either as a “virtual” organization or as an actual one.

Enabling strategic management

For certain organizations it makes sense build an internal capability to manage their recurring strategy process and related work. This is typically necessary when you either have a large organization, or operate in an industry undergoing massive change. If done right, this capability can successfully handle many of the tasks otherwise assigned to external consultancies.

Enabling portfolio management

Portfolio management (or project/program management) can be a powerful internal capability, if done right. It can help organizations to continuously prioritize strategic initiatives, measure their outcome and send in resources when help is needed. It’s important to build this function right, to minimize administration and overhead and focus on what actually creates value.

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